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Boys 2 Men Mentoring Offers:
  • Group Mentoring

  • One-on-One Mentoring

  • College Tours

  • Financial Literacy Education

  • Job  Skills Training

  • Behavior Modification Mentoring and Fitness Sessions

  • Peer Support Groups

  • Career and Education Exploration

  • Field Trips

  • Mentor to Mentee Support

Group sessions held Tuesday-Thursday, depending on location.

Email completed form to Contact 407-456-0192 for more information.

Mentoring Works!

Clarck Jeantinord became a member of Boys 2 Men Mentoring in 2019. His first day at a B2M session was not very pleasant because he was very nervous being in this new environment. Clarck is being raised by his mother. This is one of the reasons that she wanted him in our program because she knew that her son needed guidance, support, and mentoring from positive male role models.

Clarck has experienced homelessness, rejection from his father, and having to be a strong sibling for his older sister that suffers from mental illness. He was deprived of many impact moments and outings because of having to care for his sister. During the pandemic, we continued to work with Clarck, giving him life/social skills. Because of the strong support from B2M, his mothers says, “I thank God everyday for Boys2Men.”

Clarck is currently a senior at Evans HS. His future goal is to work in sports medicine. He has gone on our college tour trips and he is definitely headed in the right direction. He is also involved in wrestling and JROTC. Clarck gives B2M credit for receiving his first paycheck which was given to him in a paper bag. He continues to soar throughout his high school and he is currently taking a college course. Clarck plans to attend Seminole State College or UCF. We are very proud of him.

Malachi Jones is another remarkable young man that we’re glad that we can serve at B2M. Malachi joined B2M in 2020 and he was a 9th grader at Jones HS. Malachi had a pattern of getting into trouble at school because of making bad choices.

Because of B2M, Malachi has built healthy relationships with each of the mentors and his appreciation really shows. Upon Malachi joining B2M, I would receive phone calls from his mother about him being dishonest and not coming home by his curfew.

Malachi landed his first job with the City of Orlando as a youth counselor. Malachi plays football for Boone HS and had a rewarding football season this past fall. In between practices and football games, Malachi was able to maintain his grades. He thrives to earn all the A/B honor roll.

Malachi has proven to be responsible and has made a major turnaround. His mother, who is parenting by herself, appreciates B2M. Malachi’s father is currently incarcerated and he also lost an older brother to suicide. With support and guidance, Malachi is overcoming obstacles everyday.

Email completed form to Contact 407-456-0192 for more information.

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