It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglass

Who We Are

We are men and women who believe that the world needs good men, and that boys who are supported, guided and inspired by the adults in their lives become good men. Did you know that more than fifty percent of boys are growing up without a strong male role model in their household? We are volunteer adults who show up and model healthy male behavior; we empower, guide and mentor adolescent boys on a path to healthy manhood. Boys to Men mentors are the uncles and brothers who step up during a boy’s difficult developmental time, when his needs are the greatest.  

Boys 2 Men is a 501c3 nonprofit and non-sectarian organization that guides boys aged 10 – 18 through their crucial teen years toward healthy manhood. 

“No boy dreams of growing up and dropping out of school, joining a gang or becoming an addict, yet thousands of Florida area boys do.”

What We Do

We provide boys a safe space to discover, develop and step into the man they aspire to be.  We use a proven group-based mentoring model in which they explore the impacts of their actions and choices, while learning integrity, accountability and compassion. Trained and vetted men model proper adult behavior. We listen with focused attention and accept and praise each boy as being okay exactly as he is. This allows the boy to accept his own gifts, while making room for him to face what is not working. Boys are supported in developing their own inner resources and gaining a better understanding of healthy emotional behavior.