Mentee Forms:


Boys 2 Men is always on the lookout for powerful and compassionate individuals seeking to join our community and help lead the movement.  Your time as a mentor will bring about life changing experiences for both yourself and the young men you give your time to. Think back to when you were a kid. Who was the person, other than a parent, who brought something special into your life, just by being there? By becoming a Mentor, you can be that person in the life of a child. Imagine building treasured memories through a friendship that will change your life, and a child’s life, forever.

As a mentor, you and your mentee can enjoy doing everyday activities like playing sports, seeing a movie, cooking, going over schoolwork, visiting a museum, washing the car, taking a walk, volunteering in their community, or just hanging out. And as in any friendship, it is the spontaneous, small moments of shared fun or discovery that you will remember forever.

A mentor can open a world of possibilities and opportunities for a child simply by being a genuine friend.

Mentor Forms: